Child developing toy “Dollhouse”

This is a developing toy for children, some people knows it like BusyBoard. Made as a book or bag with pages. Every page has a task and children could make a task or imagine the new one.

This toy made for twin and organize as a dollhouse. Twin dolls have their own beds, they have wardrobe with clothes, washing machine and other.

This is a great chance to spend a time with children!


WP_20151215_13_36_47_Rich WP_20151215_13_37_11_Rich WP_20151215_13_38_21_Rich WP_20151215_13_39_07_Rich WP_20151215_13_39_31_Rich WP_20151215_13_39_53_Rich WP_20151215_13_40_13_Rich WP_20151215_13_40_43_Rich WP_20151215_13_41_07_Rich WP_20151215_13_41_17_Rich WP_20151215_13_41_28_Rich WP_20151215_13_42_06_Rich WP_20151215_13_42_40_Rich WP_20151215_13_43_41_Rich WP_20151215_13_44_04_Rich pA9nl2fW25Q


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